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Men – Better to Accept the reality than being Shy!

Andro 9 is a branch of V9 Hospitals, the most prosperous fertility clinic in the recent history of Hyderabad. In general, there aren’t many centers in the field of “Men’s Health” focused on Andrology as a section.

What We Offer

Andrology & Men’s Health – An Overview

The area of medicine focused on men’s health is what we call as Andrology particularly infertility and sexual dysfunction. Greek words Andros, which means man, and logy, which means study, combined to form the word andrology. It is a relatively new medical specialty and a sub-specialty of Urology. It now has the benefit of having been developed using most of the medical and clinical science.

A Phenomenal Demand for the Practice

Male infertility, low erectile dysfunction are all subjects covered under Andrology. Male-factor infertility accounts for around 50% of all instances. Despite the fact that andrological issues are rather typical, this field of medicine has just recently become more popular. This is due to the growing understanding and acceptance of problems with male reproductive health. The most recent advancements in medical research, including genetics and molecular biology, have helped andrology. Due to the optimistic treatments that are accessible for patients, it is also a very promising area of medicine.


Our goal is to bring about honest awareness to the society about the emerging issues related to Men’s health. This is something of a social responsibility which we have taken-up. The out reach is intended to help gain insights of the probable aspects of Men’s health which should be taken care at an earlier stage.


To provide all andrology issues with exhaustive, confidential, and transparent medical and surgical care under one roof.

We at Andro 9 see the need for a state-of-the-art andrology lab to fulfil the needs of all doctors without requiring them to rely on fertility clinics, and we developed one in order to give accurate and precise reports for the convenience of patients. This enables us to offer you simultaneous diagnostic and therapy options in the same location.

Andro 9 is a complete centre dedicated to offering precisely the most cutting-edge services of the highest calibre which could maintain international standards.