Next Steps After a Semen Analysis: What to Expect?

Next Steps After Semen Analysis Upon receiving the semen analysis results, couples can indeed discuss potential treatment options with a fertility specialist.

These options can include lifestyle changes, medication, or assisted reproductive techniques such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) or in vitro fertilization (IVF).

A semen analysis happens to be the most basic way to evaluate infertility in men. It does provide the doctor with certain information about the sperm count and quality, as well as how well the sperm cells can move. If any of these factors are abnormal, pregnancy can be more difficult or even impossible.

Even though the procedure is not invasive or even painful, several men experience anxiety about having the test done. Having an idea of what to expect can make it a little easier and less nerve-wracking.

Schedule an appointment

When setting up an appointment, the lab will, in fact, probably give you instructions on how to prepare. In most cases, abstaining from ejaculation for two to five days is quite common. This does include ejaculation from both intercourse and masturbation.

If the person is producing the sperm specimen at home, then he may need to pick up a sterile container to make use of. Also, most clinics do require that the sperm specimen be, of course, delivered to the lab within an hour or two of being produced. Following the clinic’s instructions is important.

Completing a sperm sample at a lab

Few clinics or labs require producing one’s sperm at the office where the testing will be run instead of at home. If this is the case, they will indeed have a specific room or bathroom designated for that purpose. The staff will give the person a container and escort them to the room, where they will explain where to leave the sample when finished. Sometimes there is a small window between the production room and the laboratory so that the person can leave the sample in privacy. Other facilities do require that the person bring the sample back to the staff member who is assisting. In either case, the person has to sign a form consenting to the test and also acknowledge that the sample is his.

Next Steps After a Semen Analysis: What to Expect?

Common concerns

Several men are worried about the stress of producing sperm “on demand.” In this case, it can be preferred and also less stressful for them to produce at home instead of at the facility. In extreme cases, medication can indeed be prescribed to help with the sperm collection process.

Few men are comfortable with or able to produce their sperm via masturbation. This is true for men of certain religions where masturbation is not permitted. In such situations, it is very important to communicate with the laboratory staff about the person’s needs. Either special arrangements can be made for the person to produce at home, or a few places will even allow the person to bring a partner into the room with him if necessary so that he can produce through intercourse. There are special condom collection kits that can collect sperm during intercourse, and the sample can then be poured into the sample cup. Enquire with the facility if they have them available, or if the person can purchase one himself. Be sure to avoid using lubricants when producing sperm via intercourse, as they can kill sperm cells. The results are available within a span of a few days and given to the person by the physician.

A sperm count test is also referred to as a semen analysis. The test can inform us about fertility. Results are rather analyzed for sperm shape, movement, pH, volume, sperm count, liquefaction, and appearance.