Men faced with infertility issues can consult an andrologist in Hyderabad for proper treatment. Even andrologist in Secunderabad are well-versed to deal with male infertility.

Andrology has been acknowledged as the branch of medicine concerned with male health and focusing on the reproductive as well as urological aspects. This branch of medicine has not been given its due importance. It is understood that the time has come, where attention is required for this branch of medicine too to understand and appreciate several social and physiological aspects of the male partner, and thus have a better understanding of the causes of male infertility. 

Tests are conducted and also accurately identifies sperm with DNA fragmentation which is less likely to achieve a full-term pregnancy. The report formats have rather been standardized as per worldwide specifications, and the report values are generated by Andrology centers which can be made use of with complete confidence against the clinically validated threshold values which do have more clinical significance. An andrologist in Hyderabad can be consulted to deal with such male health issues.

Andrology is a subspecialty of Urology which does entail the treatment of various conditions which cause male infertility and male sexual dysfunction. In simple terms, Andrology happens to deal with male reproductive health, a counterpart to Gynecology.

The late arrival of the andrological discipline on the stage of modern medicine gave it the advantage of utilizing all the modern achievements of basic and clinical science, from molecular biology to genetics, reaching levels of high quality. NU Hospitals is one of the few centers to proudly have a dedicated Andrology unit with up-to-date infrastructure offering international expertise.

What causes Erectile Dysfunction?

  • Lifestyle choices (smoking, excessive alcohol, obesity, lack of exercise)
  • Diabetes
  • Medications (blood pressure, antidepressants)
  • Hormone problems
  • Cardiovascular disease (high blood pressure heart disease)
  • Prostate cancer treatment
  • Surgery (prostate, bladder, colon)
  • Spinal cord injuries 

Common Male Health Issues, Treatments: Hyderabad Andrologists Insights

Treatment options

Penile Doppler scanning with an injection may be required at times in special situations.

These treatment options do have varying degrees of success for each man depending on the cause of the ED. Irreversible blood vessel or nerve damage can rather impact the success of a few of these treatments. It helps to discuss with the doctor to decide which option of treatment to choose depending upon one’s lifestyle.

Lifestyle modifications entail exercising regularly, healthy weight, avoiding smoking, restricting alcohol intake, and following better sleep habits. It also means taking care of one’s health issues such as high blood sugar as well as heart, artery, or kidney disease.

Non-Surgical Options: Oral medications, penile injections, vacuum erection device.

Surgical option: Penile implants

Other Non-Surgical options

Oral medications:

These drugs are referred to as phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) inhibitors. They help relax muscle cells in the penis for better blood flow and also to produce a rigid erection. They can be effective at any age or for any race. Yet, they prove to be effective if a man is sexually stimulated.

Penile self-injection:

Alprostadil (Prostaglandin) Injection therapy is used with a needle to inject medication directly into the base or side of the man’s penis. These medications do improve blood flow into the penis to cause an erection. 

Vacuum Erection Devices (VED):

A mechanical ED pump is made use of to pull blood into the penis and thus cause an erection. The system does include a plastic cylinder, an external penile pump, and also a tension band to place at the base of one’s penis. When the penis is rather erect, the ring is placed at the base to maintain an erection long enough to have sex (up to 30 minutes). This is considered to be a drug-free non-invasive method of treatment, but the person will not be able to ejaculate soon after the orgasm on account of a constrictive ring at the penile base.


Andrologist in Secunderabad can do the needful as far as male infertility treatments are concerned.