Possible delayed ejaculation causes include certain ongoing health conditions, surgeries, and medicines. Treatment for delayed ejaculation depends on the cause. Seeking medical help is a good idea.

Delayed ejaculation can, however, happen from time to time. Delayed ejaculation is no doubt a problem, but only if it happens to be ongoing and causes stress or worry for the person and their partner.


A physical exam as well as a medical history can be all that may be required to suggest treatment for delayed ejaculation. But there can also be a problem causing delayed ejaculation that does need treatment. Then the person has to go in for more tests or may have to consult a specialist.

Besides a physical exam of the penis and also one’s testicles, the person may face :

  • Blood tests: A blood sample sent to a lab can, of course, be done to check out heart disease, diabetes, hormone levels, and other health conditions.
  • Urine tests, called urinalysis: Urine tests are meant to look for signs of diabetes, infection, and other health conditions.


Delayed ejaculation treatment greatly depends on the cause. Treatment might also include taking medicine or making changes to the medicines taken. It might, of course, involve psychological counseling or even addressing alcohol or illicit drug use.

Delayed Ejaculation Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment


If taking medicine that might cause delayed ejaculation, cutting the dose or even switching medicines might solve the problem. Sometimes, adding medicine may help deal with the problem.

There are not any medicines that are approved for the treatment of delayed ejaculation. Medicines made to treat delayed ejaculation are mainly used to treat other conditions. They include:

  • Amantadine is used for Parkinson’s.
  • Buspirone is used for anxiety.
  • Cyproheptadine is used for allergies.

Psychological counseling

Counseling can indeed prove useful in dealing with mental health problems that are linked to delayed ejaculation, like depression or anxiety.

A person can see a psychologist or even a mental health counselor on their own or with a partner. It also might help the person to see a mental health counselor who specializes in talk therapy for sexual problems, referred to as a sex therapist.

Coping and support

Ongoing delayed ejaculation can perhaps cause mental as well as emotional stress for the affected person and the partner as well. If you have delayed ejaculation only sometimes, try not to assume that the person has a lasting problem or to expect it to happen again the next time he has sex.

Also, if one is suffering from delayed ejaculation, reassuring one’s sexual partner helps. The partner might think he is not being able to reach climax, which can be considered a sign of a lack of sexual interest.

Discuss the issue openly with the partner about one’s condition. Treatment is often more successful if couples work together as a team. The person might want to see a counselor with his partner. This can help address concerns both may have about delayed ejaculation.


Delayed ejaculation causes can, of course, include health conditions, surgeries, medications, nervous system conditions such as stroke or spinal cord injury, nerve damage, hypothyroidism, or blockages in the penis.

Diagnosis typically involves a physical exam and a medical history. In a few cases, more tests or a specialist consultation may be required.

Treatment does depend on the cause and may also include medication changes, psychological counseling, addressing substance use, pelvic floor exercises, or even self-care.


For detailed information and guidance, it is no doubt better to consult a healthcare professional.