Male health is being given much importance these days and much research is being done on it. Even from the perspective of androplus international male health cannot be simply sidetracked.

It is indeed important to take a global approach to address the policy, research as well as social challenges of male reproductive health. After all, male health is of much importance. Here focus can be on andro plus international as it is but natural that male health needs to be considered on a worldwide level.

Male infertility is no doubt a global health issue; assessment of its causes, impact, and consequence need to be known. Off late much data indicates that infertile men have an increased risk of somatic disorders like cancer and also die younger as compared to fertile men. 

Several studies do highlight a significant adverse effect on the health of the offspring. There is a lack of progress in male contraception which is combined with no improvements in the diagnosis of male infertility, it is possible actually to conclude there is a crisis in male reproductive health. 

It has become imperative to address the male reproductive health I Initiative, even in the context of andro plus international to formulate an evidence-based strategic road map that helps outline the ways forward. The idea is to engage with all stakeholders and governments to deal with male health issues.

Focus has to be on male infertility, research, male contraception, male reproductive health initiative,  Male infertility involves meta-analysis data providing evidence for a decline in human testicular sperm production in several populations of the world. Judging by global statistics on the prevalence of male infertility, which does entail male health it is but natural that infertile men do carry a higher disease burden on their shoulders which needs to be addressed even in the context of Andro plus international. As there happens to be a growing risk of incident disease (including heart disease as well as cancer and men are dying younger as compared to fertile men. This phenomenon has rather been termed as a ‘harbinger of future morbidity and mortality’ and naturally androplus international does deal with such health issues as they affect mankind on the whole. It is indeed a health problem of growing global importance and there is increasing evidence that the health of the father may have significant effects on the health of the offspring.

Male Health, Exploring AndroPlus International Approach

Why address these male health issues? A critical as well as strategic approach for male reproductive health cannot be negated as it does influence the family as a whole. A multidisciplinary approach is required and that too oriented toward andro plus international for required positive results in male health improvement  

There is sufficient evidence that poor male reproductive health is indicative of poor overall health of the man and it does mean early death.

Examination of male reproductive health is essential as it impacts offspring health too. Compelling data are no doubt emerging that the environment (diet, toxicants as well as body mass index) can indeed induce changes in the male sperm epigenome and that these changes can rather be transmitted to the embryo to influence development as well as health. The need of the hour is to seriously focus on intergenerational biological effects driven by sperm. 

What important questions to address?

  1. How does the epigenetic profile of the paternal genome tend to be modified by environmental exposures in a manner that the health of the offspring is affected?
  2. Is it possible to reverse environmentally induced epigenome changes in the sperm? 
  3. Does removal from environmental exposure(s) 
  4. Are the mechanisms treatable?

It is obvious that male health is important and also in the context of andro plus international. Much scientific evidence is there does negative male health can affect offspring’s health too.